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Improved my condition tremendously…

I visited Dr. Katy after years of chronic pelvic pain associated with extensive tightness in my lower back. Dr. Katy was able to assess my situation and explain most of what was troubling me in a comprehensive way that I could understand. More than that, she was able to work with my lower back and pelvis to get more motion and looseness which improved my condition tremendously. I have highly recommended her to my close friends and family that can use chiropractic services! Thank you Dr. Katy!
– Aaron

Not so scary after all…

I took my first trip to a Chiropractor the other day…I was scared! My husband has gone for years and always thought I needed to see someone for all my aches and pains. As much as I hate to admit it, he was right. I went to Dr. Katy Gorman who did a great job making something that scared me, not so scary at all. She was gentle and informative. She made me laugh and got me to relax at a time I really did not think I would. Her extensive knowledge of the human body gave her the insight she needed to make my neck not so achy and my shoulders not so tense. I will definitely be seeing her again! Thank you, Katy!
– Emily

Beyond wonderful and beneficial…

I have experienced chronic low back pain associated with herniated discs for 10+ years as well as severe hip pain since having children. In my first visit with Dr. Gorman of Spinal Solutions Chiropractic, I learned more about why I have pain than several specialists, testing, and repeat attempts at physical therapy ever informed me. Not only did I learn more about why, but more importantly, how to manage and treat it. In the short time that I have been a patient of Dr. Gorman’s, I have felt better than I have in years. Her knowledge, treatment plan, and follow-up have been beyond wonderful and beneficial for my overall health. I will absolutely recommend Dr. Gorman to any person of any age as I truly believe that her non-invasive treatment has been an absolute success in managing my pain, and in turn, my life.
– Jennifer